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Why Choose Us

The V Word is on a mission to remove the invisibility cloak that women veterans are burdened with upon leaving the forces and to 'normalise the norm'. 

What do I mean:

  • It is normal for some veterans to in fact be a woman.
  • It is normal that as women veterans we do in fact have differing needs to that of our male counter parts.
  • It is normal as a veteran to struggle with transitioning from military life to veteran life.
  • It is normal for veterans to suffer with mental health issues.
  • It is normal for us to seek and ask for help.
  • It is normal for us to require more in life than just a job.
  • It is normal for us to take care of our wellbeing.

Yet all of the above seem to have some sort of stigma attached to them.

Society do not consider these subjects the norm.

We need to work together to change that narrative, broaden the perspectives of others and normalise it!

Veterans (with or without a vajayjay) are shaped by their experiences in the military, forging deep-seeded values, personal traits and ethics that they will carry with them throughout life. During veteran life these traits, values and ethics can often be misconstrued as negatives, particularly for women veterans who are often mislabeled, overlooked and even completely dismissed, by both men and women alike. 



The V Word is not about attention seeking or just 'another cause',we are simply asking for the invisibility cloak to be removed and for our hidden community to come out hiding. It is about helping women veterans to be and feel seen, heard and valued.

We do not want 'special treatment', we aren't special! We are not looking to be divisive or to diminish the experiences of others who have served. However, we do have different needs and therefore we want these needs to be addressed in the interest of true acknowledgement of diversity, equality, inclusion and equity.

Some of the challenges women veterans face, not only after serving but whilst serving, are often not addressed or even acknowledged by anyone including the public and the necessary authorities. 

Currently, in the UK, there is very little research out there, resources or support available for women veterans. Thus adding to the evidence pile suggesting that we are a hidden community and fuelling my mission to share our experiences and get women veterans talking, trending even! #WeSeeYou

Nothing will change until we normalise the concept that women serve too and therefore women can be veterans too. 



We are a significant and fast growing population within the military service and veteran communities, therefore it is with hope that these products will help to spread The V Word, give a voice to our community, make us visible in the eyes of the public and to provide much needed funds to continue our work here at The V Word to fly the flag, offer support and resources to women veterans. (My ever suffering husband will kill me if I don't lol).

All products on this site have been specially selected, designed and crafted to for women veterans by a woman veteran- in a bid to help each of us to embrace who we are in veteran life and also because I thought they were cool! Haha.


Women are the Most Visible Service Members, and the Most Invisible Veterans

Andrea N. Goldstein