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About The V Word

What does the V stand for? 

(I hear you brain ticking and see your thoughts wondering...?)

Nope it is not Vagina! (Suprise Lol!) 

In actual fact it originated as Veterans with Vajayajays, however, since then it also taken on the meaning of Visible thanks to our Visible #WeSeeYou Series of Blogs and Podcasts.

So yeah thats how it all began! 

Where are we now?


  • We have a shop full of paraphenalia to support women veterans and help spread The V Word.
  • There are whole bunch of personal blogs now.
  • There are articles (I differentiate articles from blogs as they are more informative and not about just my personal experiences or two penneth).
  • We have faciliated, peer support groups and webinars featuring guest presenters, on wellbeing, self-care and concept of self etc. We have more in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Over multiple social media sites our community has grown to over 5000 including women veterans, male veteran ally's, civilian ally's, veteran owned businesses, employment services for veterans and charities.
  • We have appeared on Womans Hour, Jeremy Kyle Live on Talk TV, Radio 2, Great British Radio Forces Connect and next to appear on NAAFI Break hosted by Dominic O'sullivan who is our lovely sponspor for the Visible #WeSeeYou podcast
  • We have launched a series of Blogs written by women veterans and a Podcast starring women veterans. Each sharing unfiltered views, experiences, knowledge and triumphs of women veterans called Visible #WeSeeYou (Please do check it out and if you wish to be involved int series either as a guest blooger of on the podcast itself please do drop me a message via the contact us)